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Keep Calm and Maille On 

Specialty Items

All pricing in USD

Now available! Bulk doughnut pendants in JPL5 - good for earrings.

Many sizes available, just ask.

$5 each or wholesale (10+ pcs) $4 each

Available Now! The copper JPL5 doughnut in 14swg (2mm). These pendants are the perfect halfway piece between the micro doughnuts for earrings, and the behemoth monsters. This batch will be a limited run, so don't miss out on these!

$20 each

Now Available! Made specifically for the JPL5 entusiast, enough rings are in here to make over 120" (300cm) of this weave. Each ringjar is lovingly packed with care, and though it says 1000 rings, several more have been thrown in there! 

$17.00 each

*special pricing for 5 or more ringjar ordered

NEW! Only a few are still available, the "Ozzy!"

These Octopi are handmade from my rings, sent to a weaver in England, then the finished pieces were sent back to me as a surprise!  

They're all 20awg x 1/8 (0.8mm x 3.25mm AR 4.06)

Weight is 0.6oz each

These pieces attract attention to any vendors table

Pricing is $40 each with all proceeds from the sale going for ringcredit for Miss S. Bowen in the UK


The Behemoth Copper Doughnuts in 4awg. These guys need to be beheld to be believed! No photo can do these justice. Excellent for a paperweight, like if you work in an office with no windows that is on the back of a flatdeck truck, for example. Also, attractive to passerby at a vendor's table. The massive nature of these monstrous things draws the eye. Each Behemoth Doughnut comes with a handwritten note asking if it is JPL?

Price $50

NEW!! And NOT available!! The JPL5 Behemoth Doughnut in 4awg. So far in the world, only two of these

pieces have ever been made. One is being sent to the JPL Verification Centre in Germany, and this one

viewed here is on its way to Oregon, to ringmaker Michael Ybarra (he made these rings for me, after

about a year of collaborating in chat together. We wanted the biggest JPL5 doughnut possible!) So the

third and last of these to be made I'm hoping to keep for myself to remind me how absurd I can be at

times. I may be making more of these again someday, so get in touch if you think a rare piece like this

would add to your collection of unique works of art.

Final Weight: 18.94oz (537g)

Outer Diameter: 3 3/4" (95.5mm

**Not to be ingested orally**